21 years of experience

About Sean Barber PT

I am a Self employed personal trainer based in Birmingham
committed individual in helping others attain their goals, i have extensive experience in most aspects of health and fitness, primarily fat loss and muscle gain

Level 3 Personal Training Certificate (UK)
Level 2 Fitness Instructing – Gym Based Exercises (UK)

Hi i'm Sean Barber and welcome to my online personal training and coaching website

Whether you are looking to

-          Drop a few pounds

-          Gain muscle or lose weight

-          Struggling with your own dietary goals

-          Dislike gyms or simply find it difficult to get to them

...... I can help and together we can achieve the look you have always wanted  

Whatever your goal is we can achieve it together, all that's needed from you is a little dedication and consistency and the results will TAKE CARE OF THEMSELVES.

So how does it work ....?

Firstly i will need a few details about you, Where you are now and where you want to get to, from this i will devise a workout and food plan specifically based on YOUR goals.

You will then download an app to your smart phone, where you will have access to:

  • Your workout programme + tutorial videos on all exercises
  • Access to your very own food plan that i created to obtain your goal 
  • Progress charts and graphs, where we can log your progression 
  • Calendar for where we monitor our weekly check-ins and also how your progressing on the programme 
  • Ability to upload photos the best way to monitor progress (please note that any pics uploaded are strictly confidential/safe and are not shared)

Do you lead a very busy life? is getting to a gym becoming a struggle, or do you plainly dislike the gym environment  

As you have already probably worked out, you don't need a gym to "GET FIT" you can do this from the comfort of your living room and have your very own coach with you 100% of the way.

But this doesn't disregard those with gym memberships, you have the chance to get all of the above plus 1-1 sessions with myself (location depending)

If all of the above sounds like this could fit around YOUR lifestyle, and your looking to make a change, then click on the "sign up" or get in touch via the contact tab to discuss your goals


To see what packages i have to offer please click on "sign up"  and start YOUR transformation today

How Does Online Training Work?

Have your trainer build a customized training plan for you. Bring your workouts to the gym, track your progress. Your trainer reviews your progress and tweaks your training plan. Sign up and start your fitness journey today.