About me:

I am a self-employed personal trainer from Worcestershire currently living in Birmingham, having been interested in health and fitness from my early teens i decided to make it a career of it in late 2015, after spending 8 years as a transport manager for a logistic company i followed my dream and became a personal trainer.

My own fitness history:

  • I have been training since 16 years old (almost half my life )
  • In 2009 I ran the Birmingham half marathon in a time of 1:46, 
  • in 2012 I completed the national 3 peak challenge, (climbing the UK'S 3 highest mountains in 24hours)
  • in 2015 I competed in my first bodybuilding competition 

Which leads me nicely as to where i'm currently at, I personally specialise in fat burning and muscle building, diet and nutrition, and its the latter 2 which are so important in reaching any goal, with that said eating rice/chicken and broccoli 6 times a day is not the answer.!!!


So what can i personally offer you ?

Does having a qualification mean you are experienced to perform a job?, to a certain degree yes, but what makes that person better at their job? self-practice !!! and that's what i do day in day out, learning new training techniques, food and dietary and possibilities , im a great believer in "practice what you preach", there are so many personal trainers out there these days who have never set foot in gym yet expect to help change someone else's lifestyle or physique.

I also believe in fully understanding a clients every need, as humans we are all different and operate on different levels, So each individual needs a PERSONAL due care and attention approach this is vital for one to reach their full potential.


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