"3 weeks into my 2nd programme with Sean and I couldn't be happier with the results, 9lbs lost the past 2 weeks, getting close to 2 stone since I first started.

Sean has been an inspiration and an awesome personal trainer - giving just the right amount of support, pushing hard, giving out invaluable information on nutrition and exercises targeted to your needs.
Before meeting Sean I don't think I'd ever touched a dumbbell, certainly not a barbell, and I'd never attempted a deadlift or knew what an incline bench press was - I'm now comfortable with all of the gym equipment and I'm testing my limits daily.

I'm looking forward to even more positive changes in my health and lifestyle!"


"I have just completed my 1st 8 sessions with Sean Barber PT & wanted to thank him & recommend his services to others!
Sean is everything you want in a PT instructor - knowledgable, friendly, encouraging and reliable. He pushes you hard (within your limits & capabilities) to achieve your objectives but in a enjoyable way. I already feel better in myself & stronger as a result of Sean's services. Very impressed with the personable service & as a result have booked up another 8 sessions. Bring on stage 2!"



"Started with Sean 8 weeks ago to get in shape for my wedding, I knew I had left it late to get in shape as I hadn't step foot in a gym for years!! With one session a week my attitude to fitness, my body and food completely changed! I was pushed to my limits everytime we had a session and that pushed me further when on my own. The advice and support offered in and out of the gym was unbelievable. And to top it off, he's a great guy!  With the wedding upon us I will be taking a week or two off but I am already buzzing to get back to it and seeing how far this journey will go. Massive thanks Sean.
Ps, the misses is grateful too!!"


"Recently started with Sean having some great sessions, he understands my goals and is fully dedicated to helping me achieve them short term and long term! Excited to see results which I know I can achieve with his help! Great personal trainer"



I first met Sean Barber two months ago and signed up to his 8 week challenge programme. The course was tailor made and geared around my overall goals. My initial goal was to shed the unsightly fat  and to tone up along the way.

Sean comprised a work-out schedule which targeted my cardio and strength training, alongside a detailed dietary plan (Calories intake, detailed food diary and Macros)  

The routine varied fortnightly which was great, as offered bags of variety to my routine and targeted all muscle groups and Fats.

At first I thought I may struggle with the change in diet, but I quickly learned that dieting is not about starving yourself nor is it about feeling deprived of certain food groups. The key is eating the right foods at the right time and everything in moderation.  

The results to date are staggering, I have dropped just over 1 stone 7 pounds in weight. My waist line has tucked in by 2 inches and chest has expanded by a similar amount. And for the first time in around 7 years I can actually see my Abs!

Sean is an exceptional trainer, his dedication, passion and expertise come across in waves with each and every session. He drives me to achieving new heights each time we train but what stands out for me above all, is his commitment and personal focus. He will regularly check in with me throughout the week to see how the diet is going, energy levels, aches, pains and any injuries. It’s this personal attention that I have never found in any other PT before. He cares as much about me achieving my goals, as I do !

 Sean Barbers 8 week challenge, without question, the best present I have ever bought myself

 Phase 2 due to start this week – Can’t wait to smash these new goals !


"Feel amazing after a session every time! Always mixes things up, never gets boring, and knows how to push me further than I would push myself....listens to what I want to help me get where I want :)"


"Another amazing sesh with Sean! A PT that doesnt let you say 'i carnt' he really does push you witch in my case is exactly what i need! Very dedicated to every individual with first class response if ever i need advice and guidence. Explaining  everything we do amd why were doing it. Understanding what i want to achieve is priority for me amd Sean really does nail it! Looking forward to tne long hard journey ahead! No pain no gain!"